Fun, food and folklore
- culture infused catering -

Breath is food
The body eats food
This Body rests on the breath
Breath rests on the body
Food is resting on food
The one who knows this becomes rich in food and great in fame
(Taittiriya Upanishad 11.7)

- Food is energy -

Life is too short to eat food that isn't tasty and satisfying. Our food includes all six tastes at every meal so that the major food groups and nutrients are represented and you feel satisfied. We mix home cooked food made from scratch with stories and community focused events.

We are a Frome based business on a mission to provide nourishing food at affordable prices, using ingredients that are as seasonal, locally sourced and environmentally friendly as we can. Yum! Our products and services include popup events, cooking workshops, bespoke events catering and our regular Thali lunch plate served from our al fresco cafe Loop de Loop.

Delicious healthy soul food! Thanks for warming us up in the cold yesterday. Epic pakoras, we almost came back for a second round!

Yasmin Kidwai Coop

Had the Lungi Babas experience in my home tonight, not only did I gain a great insight into Indian cookery, but met a truly inspirational man in Mahesh.

Johnny Rankin Rench
Loop de Loop

Eat with us for lunch

Serving tasty, healthy and affordable lunch in Frome for you as an individual or business. We do one main dish every day.

To maintain our accessibility and empower us to grow as a business we ask you to pay between £5.50-£7.50 for your meal. Seating is outdoors.

Come to Loop de Loop for lunch or book lunch delivery for your business. Delivery price is £7.50 per meal (discount available for regular deliveries). Find us here or contact us. See you there!

Opening hours

Wednesday 12:30 - 15:00
Thursday*12:30 - 15:00
Friday12:30 - 15:00
Saturday12:30 - 15:00
Sunday (Market Day only)12:30 - 15:00

We are a small, local business and might sometimes not be able to open due to unforeseen circumstances like staff illness. Please check our Facebook page for any unforeseen closures.

*Thursdays only. Pre-orders + deliveries only. Order by 10.30am on the day by calling us on 07468421129.


Give the gift of excellent food cooked at home

Why not buy a voucher as a gift for someone special or book a workshop for yourself!

Fun, educational and tasty workshops in Frome, Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas. Workshop is delivered by Mahesh in the comfort of your home.

Community events

Springtime Supper Club

Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated Spring with us! More events to come soon.


Book us for your event

Bringing feel-good, home-cooked and tasty food to individuals and businesses in SW England and London. Weddings, birthdays, festivals, retreats, team meetings etc.

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We'd love to hear from you

If you want to buy something from us, ask us a question, or talk to us about anything that you think could make Lungi Babas better, make good food available to more people or make the world better. We love hearing from our community.

Call us on 07468421129 or send us your details and we will get back to you.