Thalis for Tales

Fundraiser for OpenStoryTellers

Thank you

for your amazing support!
We are overjoyed to announce that our #ThalisforTales fundraiser reached £4,000!! ✨✨✨
Our huge thanks to all our customers, Sustainable Frome, JJ’s Doubles and everyone who has supported this fundraiser!
We are no longer donating every 6th Thali to OpenStoryTellers. 
Funds raised £0
Supporting a local charity.

Thanks everyone!
Fundraising aim £4000
Giving the gift of friendships and opportunity.

We did it! We raised £4,000 for OpenStoryTellers' Outreach support. Enabling friendships and opportunity for people with learning disabilities and autism.
Every 6th Thali
Every 6th Thali that Lungi Babas sold in the last few months were donated to OpenStoryTellers. We are no longer donating every 6th Thali.

You can still give a donation directly to OpenStoryTellers

Why OpenStoryTellers?

in 2020-21, Lungi Babas and Sustainable Frome supported OpenStorytellers with raising funds for their Outreach work.

Many of the people that OpenStoryTellers support are not able to get out and about and take part in activities as they usually would. This is having a significant impact on people’s physical and mental health, as they find themselves isolated at home. 

OpenStoryTellers’ new Outreach support is designed to keep people safe while enabling continued friendships and opportunity. 

OpenStoryTellers help people to find their voice and use it. Stories are what make us human, they help us to make sense of the world, make friends and take part in society. OpenStoryTellers is a community arts charity in the heart of Frome, supporting people with learning disabilities and autism.

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What we supported

OpenStoryTellers wanted to develop new Outreach support, focusing on people with learning disabilities and autism who are not able to access OpenStoryTellers or the community in person. The Outreach support provides an essential lifeline.

  • Providing home visits
  • Provide support where needed and be a friendly listening ear
  • Supply activities that enables individuals to take part in OpenStoryTellers’ exciting and innovative projects.
  • Support people access activities and stay in touch with friends. For those who are digitally excluded, support is given with technology, helping people to safely get connected online, join in with activities, stay in touch with friends and properly feel like part of a group again.

Who benefit?

Together we supported up to 20 people with learning disabilities and autism, and benefitted an additional 20 family carers and supporters through the Outreach service.

During ‘normal’ times, people with learning disabilities or autism experience worse health outcomes than non-disabled people. According to recent figures from Public Health England, people with learning disabilities are much more likely to die or experience serious illness as a result of Covid-19.

OpenStoryTellers supports people to make sense of the world around them, solve problems, make choices and advocate for themselves.